<a><b>World Class Competition Bar B Que</b></a><p>Slow-cooked and smoked over indirect heat resulting in world class tender Bar B Que with intense flavors and great Smokey flavor.</p> <a><b>Bar B Que At It's Best</b></a><p>After much practice and experimentation, Ritch's Raiders brings you our unbelievable assortment of hand-rubbed delicacies -- 
from succulent spare ribs to mouth-watering chicken, sides and sauces.</p> <a><b>World Class Hospitality</b></a><p>Ritch's Raiders takes hospitality to a four star level treating guests as friends of the team.  Sponsors and guests will be treated to warm, friendly, and generous hospitality.</p> <a><b>Giving Back To Our Community</b></a><p>Our Ritch's Raiders team works hard to promote a healthy, active, give-back to the community lifestyle through our Ritch's Little Raiders and cooking for our troops and special needs kids.</p> <a><b>Fun For Everyone</b></a><p>Bar B Que Cook-Offs are a great way to have fun with great friends who have passion for world class bar b que and love entertaining our friends.  From music to great food, a fun time will be had by all.</p>





Welcome to the Ritch's Raiders Award Winning Championship BBQ Team website. Our team proudly participates in the following annual cook-offs in addition to various charitable and non-profit events in Houston and surrounding counties. Please contact us for specific dates and additional information.